A quality hunting destination!

In zone 11, on an exceptional migratory path for woodcock, ducks (many species) and Canadian geese. Our territory is ideal for white tailed deer, home to a mature population.

Firearms – Bow – Crossbow

Small game; Grouse, woodcock, hare, duck and Canadian goose.

Big game; White-tailed deer.
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Small game

An exceptional territory for a challenge size! ‘Scolopax Minor’ American Woodcock or Timberdoodle! An ideal biotope, situated on a migratory path for your hunting enjoyment. Come and hunt with your trusty four-legged hunting companion. Our canine friends are welcome. Ruffed grouse and snowshoe hare abound on our territory. Small game enthusiasts you will be delighted with our network of paths in an enchanting and gamey land. You can finish your day by going in the evening for duck and geese.

Package includes accommodation and hunting rights (PE).

Minimum 2 hunters for a period ranging from 2 to 6 days.

All inclusive package (PA)chasseperdrix

  • including transport to and from airport
  • 7 Nights / 6 days of hunting
  • Accommodation in fully equipped waterfront cottage
  • All meals
  • 1 Clay pigeon course
  • hunting rights

(Not included; airline tickets and permits)

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White tailed deer

Hunting on private land, zone 11 east, with 8 baited locations. Our territory is situated on a peninsula populated with birch and aspen, on the shores of Baskatong, ideal habitat for white-tailed deer.

Package includes accommodation and hunting rights (PE).

Minimum 3 hunters for a period ranging from 3 to 6 days.